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Excerpt: Boston Globe - February 23, 2022
By Cate McQuaid

Erasure is implicit in our American story. In the text section, Karlos Cárcamo strategically uses it in “Untitled (Study for ‘Kase’ Painting, Green).” Cárcamo reproduces the late graffiti artist Kase 2′s tag, and then scrubs it out with the solvent many communities use to remove street art. He does it over and over, creating an illegible, lush surface like the fog of war.

Downstairs, in the seriality gallery, a deceptively quiet painting takes on fusty old typologies of race and personhood. It’s Byron Kim’s — long title alert! — “Synecdoche: Danielle Brunner, Dominic Shamyer, Ella Kim, George Gountas, Glenn Ligon, Jay Patrikios, Johannes Gachnang, Joanna Bossart, Joseph Benjamin, Konrad Tobler, Kyle Wilton, Louis Barney, Lourdes Mercado, Luciano Berti, Marc Pia, Marvin Siegel, Miguel Maldonado, Niki Hosig, Remy Pia, Roland Fellmann, Rosa Duran, Ruth Libermann, Sean Casey, Susann Bossart, Vijay Kapoor.”

Boston Globe