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Excerpt: Worchester Magazine February 16, 2022
By Richard Duckett

In "Us Them We" there's a great diversity in the artists, but they are often exploring similar approaches to art to convey identity and other ideas, Burns said.

The Text section includes Karlos Cárcamo's Untitled (2019), a study of a work of graffiti that has been removed by solvents. No graffiti remains. The statement is perhaps in the spaces.

Two screenprints by Dread Scott, #WhileBlack (2018) and #WhileWhite (2020) in the Text section use hashtags to call out the ongoing oppression of Black Americans.

Sharin Neshat's "My Beloved" (1995), also in Text, is a portrait of herself clutching her son with a gun close-at-hand as she wears head covering that may for some look like it is decorated but in fact is an excerpt from a poem in Farsi.

Each work has its own narrative, Burns and Sisson said.

With Carcamo's graffiti removed surface we might wonder about the identity of the artist.

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