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Excerpt: Flaunt Magazine
By Constanza Falco Raez
January 21, 2022

Candida Alvarez uses gestural lines and controlled explosions of color to explore nostalgia, grief, and trauma as it relates to her identity and history, contesting the false binary of figuration and abstraction.

Sarah Zapata works intensively through hand-weaving, rope-coiling, and sewing processes to explore issues pertaining to her experience as a Peruvian American artist, examining, thereafter, the imagery of the feminine, the fetishized, and the handmade.

Karlos Cárcamo questions criminality, censorship, race, and the systems of valorization behind them, by placing institutionally accepted styles like geometric abstraction, cubism, and colorfield expressionism against depreciated and marginalized art forms like graffiti and low rider aesthetics.

Flaunt Magazine